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Waterfront Historic Columbia NC


Locally sourced & fresh roasted beans

Order Coffee hereWe source our coffee from the best we can get our hands on. Some of our coffee is from local sources, while some is also sourced from other roasters in the U.S. We realize each roaster is unique and we simply like to offer what we believe to be the best that we've tried.



Now available: FRESH FRESH FRESH

Coffee is now brewed by the cup via a simple pour-over system. While we realize this is a simple method, it allows us to control the essential details involved in making the perfect cup. The best part is that it is always fresh! GUARANTEED or its free!

This method allows us to monitor and control the temperature of the water used, the quality of the water, the saturation of the coffee, the time needed to brew the correct strength, the ratio of coffee more specific to the cup size and amount of water, the grinder isn't turned on until you order, and the fresh roasted coffee is simply better using this method. Come on by and spare 3-4 minutes for your perfect brew. You can choose whichever variety you like that we have available.

We learn every day and strive to be the best we can be at what we do. COFFEE. That is the very value that our business decisions are made for.

We fresh grind & brew many different varieties of coffee every day. Our sizes are 12oz, 16oz & 20oz for hot brewed coffee. For Iced Coffee made fresh daily, we have 16oz & 20oz. Iced coffee is available sweetened and a splash of milk if you like. Need the extra boost? Add a shot of espresso (or two) for .85/ea.


12 oz coffee $1.95

16 oz coffee $2.15

20 oz coffee $2.65


16 oz ICED coffee $2.15

20 oz ICED coffee $2.65

(made extra strength to withstand ice & other inclusions, so no worries, its not weak!)



Also available are POTS OF COFFEE to go! Just call us ahead & we'll work with you and the amount you'll need. Price includes cups, half & half to-go, sugars, stirrers, and delivery can also be available if within town limits.

One 2.8 L pot of coffee (appr. 10-14 people) $18.00

One 2.2 L pot of coffee (appr. 8-10 people) $15.00

One 1.9 L pot of coffee (appr. 5-7 people) $10.95


(larger amounts also available)

Beans are also available by the pound and prices vary. Prices are by comparison from the source.


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Summer 2017

Sunday 12pm-5pm

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Tuesday 7:30am-5pm

Wednesday 7:30am-5pm

Thursday 7:30am-5pm

Friday 7:30am-5pm

Saturday 8am-5pm


Third Thursdays events open late

June 15th open until 8pm

July 20th open until 8pm

August 17th open until 8pm


Elements Cafe'

117 South Elm Street


Located within retail wine shop of Vineyards on the Scuppernong

USE OUR NEWEST FETURE AND TEXT YOUR ORDER AHEAD! Text us what you'd like, what size and your estimated time of arrival & we'll have it ready for you in the fastest freshest way possible! TEXT YOUR ORDER NOW


call: 252-706-0729 or use our contact form.

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