Waterfront Historic Columbia NC
Waterfront Historic Columbia NC

The 'Secret' ingredients


Here you will find some of our 'secret' weapons. We love playing with food & here is what we do:


Featured here is one of our breakfast bagels with cream cheese topped with all Stonewall Kitchen jams including: Mixed Berry Jam, Wild Maine Blueberry Jam & Pink Grapefruit Marmalade. Great for breakfast or brunch or anytime you want a satisfying treat.

One of our weekly specials was a Muffuletta (a New Orleans Italian style sandwich), made with Mortadella (Italian spiced Bologna), Provolone cheese, Genoa Salami, Appewood smoked ham & an olive spread made with the black olive tapenade by 'Gracious Gourmet.'

This is a Stonewall Kitchen traditional marinara beauty. Very thick and slow cooked, then placed atop pita bread, mozzarella cheese, Genoa salami, folded over & grilled to perfection. Almost like a calzone, its a perfect treat or quick dinner for the family!

You can't have a salad without fresh produce. Nothing says fresh like LOCAL produce! When in season, we try to utilize produce at its peak freshness, however, because it varies it is not available year round. Photo shows fresh local strawberries, blueberries, grape tomatoes and cucumbers that made great salads.

Taste the sweet heat in this Southwestern Ham & Cheese. We mixed a Hot Pepper Jelly from Stonewall Kitchen with a Chile Pepper Tapenade from Gracious Gourmet to create some wonderful spice to add to a Smokehouse ham, provolone cheese & grilled bell peppers. Accompanied by our fresh made fruit salsa with pineapple, chopped cilantro, red bell peppers & lime juice. The fruit salsa helps tone down the heat of the sandwich, & what a great combination!

Always serving something fresh! Look for daily/weekly features for sides or specials. The most popular of these specials will become the next menu!

Pictured here is our broccoli slaw made with shredded broccoli, kolrabi, brussel sprouts, shredded carrots, purple cabbage, shredded apples & a light slaw dressing. Goes great on a sandwich but also great as a side.

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Elements Cafe'

117 South Elm Street


Located within retail wine shop of Vineyards on the Scuppernong

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