Waterfront Historic Columbia NC
Waterfront Historic Columbia NC

Tea's and Herbals

Tea is a major part of culture and history around the world. It is well known for its health and medicinal benefits as well. Perhaps that is why studies show the roughly 80% of Americans consume tea on a daily basis.

We are introducing a few varieties at a time, and we're starting with the most beneficial and widely known.


Currently we have:


Prices listed are in HALF OUNCE increments. Please call to order (252) 706-0729


Borage /2.04

Burdock Root /0.81

Calendula Flower /1.05

Ceylon /1.65

Chamomile Flower (German) /1.42

Chicory Root /0.82

Cinnamon Chips /0.81

Cinnamon Sticks /0.25 ea

Comfrey /1.36

Darjeeling /1.36

Echinacea /1.34

Elder Berry /1.05

Elder Flower /1.49

Gotu Kola /1.12

Green Tea (China) /1.50

Hibiscus Flower /1.12

Hops /2.16

Juniper Berry /1.04

Lavender /2.29

Lemon Balm /1.70

Lemon Grass /1.02

Licorice Root /0.88

Linden Flower /1.65

Mullein Leaf /1.29

Nettle Stinging Leaf /1.16

Oatstraw /1.34

Se Chung Special Oolong /2.16

Orange Peel /0.81

Orange Spice 1.79

Passion Flower 1.21

Pau D'Arco 1.00

Peppermint 1.02

Raspberry Green Tea 2.78

Red Clover Herb 2.16

Red Rose Tea 1.25

Red Rose Petals 1.29

Red Raspberry Leaf 1.17

African Red Rooibos 1.21

Rose Hips seedless 1.02

Stevia 1.63

Valerian Root 1.13

Very Berry 1.75

Yerba Mate 0.85

In house blends by our herbalist:

Tranquili-Tea 1.55

Find your quiet place & relax with a blend of chamomile, rose buds, hibiscus, red clover, lemon balm, borage, peppermint & stevia.

Winter Defense 1.55

A feel better blend to fight the cold season with chamomile, elder berry, peppermint, & echinacea.

Daydream 1.55

A calming blend for an afternoon escape with peppermint chamomile, gotu kola & rose petals.

Dark Night 1.55

A blend to promote deep sleep with chamomile, gotu kola, lemon balm, oat straw, valerian root, passion flower & hops. (May cause drowsiness, do not drive or operate machinery after taking this blend)

Butterfly Garden 1.55

A delightful floral blend of summer garden flowers with elder flower, rose hips, chamomile, hibiscus, calendula, red clover & lavender

African Sunset 1.55

A perfect balance of citrus & spice with rooibos, rose hips, hibiscus, orange pee & lemon grass



We offer loose black and herbal teas. We also have a few of our own blends.  Featuring Frontier Co op.  Best selection in Eastern North Carolina.



For Tea's Sake

Premium loose leaf tea comes in exclusive flavors, supreme quality with no artificial flavors or colors.



Locally sourced Honey

We are proud to offer locally sourced honey from here in Tyrrell County. 



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